Personal Coaching in recording  & music technology at Your Studio

Musictech Australia started as a coaching aid to musicians and budding producers in studios and classrooms right across Australia back in 2011.

Since then we have conducted lessons & workshops in both private recording studios & classrooms with great success.

  • We continue to offer our services in music technology training and recording now in 2015 we are accepting submissions of interest as we plan out the calendar and put DJ Cotton back on the road.
  • Our teaching style and content is reflected on this website. We are all about breaking down the heavy tech talk into plain everyday language and giving clear easy-to-follow lessons and steps on how to use the tools to make your music better.

Australia wide road tours.

  • If you or your educational facility needs a visit from the professionals your location is not normally a problem. Please submit your enquiry and we will see if you are close to one of our up-and-coming tours.

We work with you and the gear you have with private recording studio tuition.

  • We will always show you how to get the best out of what you have on your own tools & setups, so after we leave you will still have everything you need to keep the magic going and start recording better than ever.

We offer tuition in…

All facets of the recording studio process

  • Microphones & placement
  • Room preparation & tuning
  • Most platforms & music software versions
  • Mixdown 101
  • Mastering 101
  • Industry information (getting the music out there)

All facets of live sound

  • PA setup 101
  • Mixing live 101
  • Stage layout & management
  • Working with dynamic processors (compressors, gates, etc)
  • Controlling feedback.

 All facets of playing live and pulling the best out of your gear…

  • Working with guitar amps 101
  • Working with guitar EFX processors 101
  • Explaining synthesisers & keyboards
  • Working with microphones & vocalists

Contact us today and we will work out a package that suits your needs…

Our rates start from as low as $75 per hour