ROD-PSM1_1-262x300Using a Shock Mount (cradle) as opposed to a clip?

A very important part of the recording process is minimising the many many little problematic things that add up to just an average or bad result.

One such important thing is the isolation of the recording microphone from any floor rumble coming up the mic stand.

The Shock Mount or Cradle is suspended on rubber braids and isolates the microphone from the microphone stand thus minimising any bass rumble from the vibrating stand.

A lot of engineers wont just stop at a pro microphone suspended cradle (shock mount), they will even float the entire studio floor on rubber & then place the whole mic stand on a rubber matt to isolate outside noise from finding it’s way up the stand and into your precious recording.

If you think this is overkill then you haven’t recorded a song in a fully setup studio and heard the difference of the final result.

Remember that in the mastering process the most commonly used processor is a limiter and as your mastering engineers starts pressing your track for max presence and output any noise that is hidden inside the track starts to come to the surface and will cause the engineer to finish your track with the presence and output under what it could have been.