Still made in Australia

In a world where so many of the gadgets that we use in the pro audio industry are coming out of China in little plastic boxes , it’s great to see an Australian company that still does all it’s own design and manufacturing right here in the land of Oz and does it very well.

I recently had a chance to meet the team from ARX and what I found was a group of guys that despite many years of being underpaid & overworked, still love their jobs.

If it’s not NEWS enough that a quality pro audio manufacturer is still here in Australia, ARX continue to release new products on a regular basis to meet the needs and niches of an ever changing audio landscape.

The most popular part of their range continues to be the Audibox series. These various models of little blue powder coated metal boxes contain solutions to a myriad of audio conundrums and are made of high quality components that will stand the rigours of the road.

More information on these products can be found at
ARX Australian distributor “The Resource Corp”